May 26, 2020

Survey results show significant challenges of home working

FSU Covid-19 survey results show significant challenges of home working.

  • 56% of all respondents have seen an increase in work intensity.
  • 66% of all respondents report an increase in work-related stress
  • 44% report pressure to answer calls and emails outside of work hours

FSU members across banking and finance are working hard to ensure that customers’ needs are met during Covid-19.  Many thousands of our members are now working from home, and our survey has revealed that they face some very real challenges in going about their work. Thousands of our members are also working in Bank branches as essential workers, serving communities every day.

We will be raising the issues of work-related stress, and increased work intensity, directly with employers, as well as the Irish Banking Culture Board and the Banking and Payments Federation. However, we also want to ensure that Government takes appropriate action to protect staff who are working from home.

According to the Fianna Fail-Fine Gael framework document, the next Government will “mandate public sector employers, colleges and other public bodies to move to 20% home and remote working in 2021 and provide incentives for private sector employers to do likewise”. This commitment should oblige the next Government to implement measures to protect staff working from home.

The introduction a legislative right to disconnect, whereby workers would not be obliged to engage with calls, emails or work-related message outside of working hours, should be prioritised as a first step. We will shortly be releasing an FSU “Homeworking Protocol for the Finance Sector”, where we will lay out what we believe ought to be done to upgrade home-working from the current emergency situation to a sustainable model by providing appropriate supports and structure to staff.

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