May 12, 2020

Northern Ireland Executive publishes five-point plan to relax Covid-19 restrictions

Document published today looks ahead and sets out the approach the Executive will adopt in the regular reviews of the Coronavirus Regulations.

Step 1: Groups of four to six people who are not from the same household will be able to meet outdoors while maintaining social distancing, drive-through church services, churches opening for private prayer, opening of outdoor spaces and public sport amenities, drive-through cinemas and more sports, including some water activities, golf and tennis.

Step 2: Groups of 10 will be able to meet outdoors, team sports training on a non-contact basis in small groups, re-opening of some libraries and open-air museums, as well as indoor activities involving limited contact of less than 10 minutes and with two to four people.

Step 3: Groups of up to 30 will be able to gather outside, re-opening of more libraries as well as museums and galleries, concert and theatre rehearsals resuming and larger indoor gatherings.

Step 4: Socially distanced church services, resumption of competitive sport behind closed doors or with a limited number of spectators, leisure centres re-opening and outdoor concerts resuming on a restricted basis.

Step 5: Resumption of close physical contact sports, return of competitive sport, spectators at live events on a restricted basis as well as the re-opening of nightclubs and concerts on a limited basis. – Source RTE News.

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