Coronavirus Measures Northern Ireland

If you are unable to work because you are ill, you may be able to get Statutory Sick Pay. It is paid by your employer and can be paid for up to 28 weeks.

There is temporary removal of the three-day waiting period if you are claiming Statutory Sick Pay. If you need to self-isolate for medical reasons to protect others you will be treated as being ill. You do not need to go to a GP as there is a seven-day allowance for self-declaration.

You must fill out the SSP1 form.

Anyone self-isolating who is self-employed can apply for Universal Credit or new-style Employment & Support Allowance. You can also apply for these if you are prevented from working because of a risk to public health.

You should take time off work if you are ill. The government are clear that employers should support their staff’s welfare, especially during an extended response.

If the whole family must stay at home and there is no income coming in, the family can apply for Universal Credit

If you need to provide evidence to your employer that you need to stay at home due to coronavirus, you will soon be able to get it from NHS 111 Online instead of having to get a Fit Note from your doctor.

By law, medical evidence is not required for the first 7 days of sickness (that is, employees can self-certify). After 7 days, it is for the employer to determine what evidence they require, if any, from the employee. To make it easier for people to provide evidence to their employer that they need to stay at home, government are developing an alternative form of evidence to the fit note. These will shortly be available through NHS online.

In the meantime, government continue to urge employers to respect the need to stay at home where they are following government advice to do so and to show flexibility in the evidence they require from employees.

If you have been put on short-term lay off, you are guaranteed to be paid up to a maximum of £29 a day for 5 days in any 3-month period.

You may be entitled to claim Universal Credit or new style Jobseeker’s Allowance if you have been laid off or on short time.

There is no limit to how long you can be laid off or put on short time working. If your contract does not have a clause allowing your employer to put you on short time you may, potentially, have an unlawful deduction from your wages claim.

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