July 23, 2020

FSU Working from Home Protocol

Covid 19 has transformed the world of work and home-working has now become the norm for many people. We want to help organise a smooth and just transition for workers into the new reality of home-working.

This home-working protocol covers work intensity, employee led flexibility, health and safety in the home, technology, allowances, a healthy working from home culture, caring responsibilities and culture. Our goal is to help professionalise home working and make it better for all.

This protocol does not seek to be a final word – we invite comment from members, the community at large, employers and stakeholders in the sector. But we are asking for a real debate. While many workers have shown that they are up for the challenge of home-working, we cannot assume that rules made for pre Covid-19 world are sufficient now.

Click the image below to read the full protocol.

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