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Danske Bank

What support has Danske Bank announced?

The Bank is introducing two positive supports for staff required to work in Danske premises/locations/branches during the ‘Stay at Home’ period. In order to minimise public transport, the Bank will provide a £5 travel payment for staff travelling to Bank premises for work (more details provided in the Bank’s communications). The Bank has also taken the significant step to introduce a monthly £300 payment for all staff working in Bank premises during the ‘Stay at Home’ period recognising the additional strains this creates (again details in the Bank’s communications).

What happens if I have to self-isolate? Will I be paid my full salary?

Yes, if you need to self-isolate because you have symptoms and you are not able to work, you will be paid in accordance with the Sick Pay arrangements, but where absence management triggers won’t happen. If a member of your household becomes symptomatic and you find yourself having to isolate with them at home your manager will determine if they are able to make appropriate arrangements for you to work from home for the 14 days period of self-isolation. The Bank will provide you with the kit to enable home working if you do not have it already. However, if this is not possible, you will be placed on Special Absence and will be paid your normal salary for the period.

I am pregnant what should I do?

Pregnant staff should not attend Bank locations. Pregnant staff fall under the ‘vulnerable’ category as per the UK Government guidelines and all colleagues who are vulnerable as defined by the guidelines should discuss with their line manager if they’re able to work from home. The Bank has, to date, been able to accommodate vulnerable colleagues. However, if it is not possible for the Bank to make arrangements for you to continue to work you will continue to be paid as normal. The normal maternity arrangements would apply from the time you were due to start your maternity leave.

I believe that I would be classified as ‘vulnerable’ – what do I do?

The Bank has asked all staff who believe that they fall into this category (as defined by UK Government guidelines) to make them aware of your situation and have put in place measures to enable all staff to work from home. If you believe you should be classified as ‘vulnerable’ (in line with guidelines) and have not already done so, please speak to your line manager who will advise you what you need to do to register this with the Bank. You will continue to be paid.

I rely on public transport to get to work – what should I do?

The Bank has stated that they want all key workers to travel in the safest possible way, by car rather than public transport.  If it is not possible for you to drive to work and rely on public transport, please discuss alternatives with your line manager.

I need to mind my children whose school/creche is now closed. Do I have to attend work? Will I receive pay if I can’t work for this reason?

The bank will expect you to attend work. They have asked staff to consider in the first instance how both parents will make it work. They will in some areas, be able to facilitate working from home where employees are equipped to do so. And we are asking for this to be made as widely available as possible. Additional training via Skype is available for staff to have a role in work whilst at home. If this is not possible, they are asking staff to consider any annual leave they have remaining or temporarily reducing contractual hours and that you should discuss this with your line manager and HR.

I care for someone in the ‘at-risk’ categories, what do I do?

If you live with someone who is more susceptible and at risk of catching COVID-19, you should speak to your line manager and consider what adjustments, if any, may be appropriate to further support you, for example with flexible working options e.g. homeworking or flexible hours; where this is practical.

My manager has not been supportive and has given advice contrary to the Banks and Public Health?

This is wrong and should not be happening. By following the advice of the Bank and of Public Health Authorities you are protecting not only yourself, but your family, work colleagues, and society in general. This is part of the Government’s efforts to reduce the danger and spread of COVID-19. If you are aware of this type of behaviour you should in the first instance contact HR and also contact FSU directly.

A colleague in my location is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 but is still coming to work. What should I do?

Any staff member who is in this category should follow the guidance. If you know this is happening in your location, please talk over your concerns with your line manager or contact HR and raise the issue with FSU.

Do I have to work from home if asked?

You should work from home if asked. This is being asked to minimise the risk of infection and spread of the virus and also supports other colleagues.

I’m concerned about hygiene and sanitation at work. What does my employer have to do?

Please alert your line manager immediately if you have hygiene or health and safety concerns about facilities in your workplace. If these are not resolved immediately, you should contact FSU straight away and we will escalate these as a health and safety matter through the necessary channels. We would ask members too, to exercise care and have regard for colleagues when using shared facilities in your workplace.

Some customers are not adhering or the public health guidance what can I do?

FSU has issued a public notice to customers that has been shared widely on social media. We call on customers to abide by social distancing and consider whether their journey into the Bank is really necessary. If customers are not behaving appropriately, please call out the public health guidance to them clearly and professionally. Alert your line manager. Branch managers should ensure that customers behave appropriately. If there are serious incidents, after discussing with your manager please contact your Area Manager. You may contact FSU as well and we will escalate to senior management.

I have leave booked in the next few months – can I cancel it?

Leave that has been agreed in the next few months cannot be cancelled. The Bank cannot allow staff to leave all their leave until the last 6 months of the leave year as there would not be the capacity to give everyone leave in that time. The Bank may, where there is a need to support your colleagues, ask you to cancel your leave.

What do I do if I need further help or support from FSU?

FSU is here to support you in Danske Bank. Your union is currently working to make sure that your health and welfare continues to be prioritised by your employer for the duration of this pandemic. We will work with you to ensure that your employment and rights to health and safety are upheld and protected. If you need guidance or support, please don’t hesitate to contact us on: 0800 358 0071 from Northern Ireland.