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Continuity of Pay

 FSU have secured assurances of continuity of pay for all employees of BOI Group.

Self Isolation

YES, if you self-isolate you will be paid your full pay. If you have no symptoms and can work from home you should continue to so do so. If you have symptoms and or can’t work from home BOI will continue to pay you in full as normal.

Ill Health

YES, if you are ill you will be paid your full pay. You should not be expected to work from home in these circumstances.

Underlying Health Condition (including Pregnancy)

Where you can work from home you should. If you are required to self-isolate as a result of your underlying health condition (including Pregnancy) you will be paid your full pay.

Normal maternity arrangements apply from the time you were due to start your maternity leave.

Childcare Challenges

Where members have childcare challenges the expectation is that you will do everything you can in your home circumstance to share childcare responsibility with your partner however if you must stay at home you will be paid in full and this is NOT Annual Leave. You need to discuss your circumstance with your line manager however if leave is required you will continue to be paid.

Vulnerable family member in my household, what do I do?

You need to discuss your circumstance with your line manager so that they understand the immediate caring needs and if required consider flexible working arrangements with you e.g. working from home or flexible hours; where this is practical. Where leave is absolutely necessary and it is agreed with BOI members will be paid in full.

Health & Safety

Social distancing is important to help slow the spread of coronavirus. It does this by minimising contact between potentially infected individuals and healthy individuals. FSU promotes a zero tolerance approach to any breaches of this vital emergency measure. Breaches must be reported to your line manager and you should raised the issue with FSU. 

Things you can do.
  •   reduce physical interactions with colleagues
  •   avoid crowded places, especially indoors (this includes meeting rooms)
  •   work from home unless it is essential that you go to your workplace
  •   wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  •   cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  •   put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards
Help slow the spread of coronavirus

Help slow the spread of coronavirus

Concerned about hygiene and sanitation at work.

Please alert your line manager immediately if you have hygiene or health and safety concerns about facilities in your workplace. If these are not resolved immediately, you should contact FSU straight away and we will escalate these as a health and safety matter through the necessary channels. We would ask members too, to exercise care and regard for colleagues when using shared facilities in your workplace. We all have a responsibility to take all precautions necessary to stem the spread of this virus.

Customers not adhering or the public health guidance what can I do?

FSU has issued a public notice to customers that has been shared widely on social media. The Group has also issued their own notice to advise customers.

WE call on all customers to abide by social distancing and consider whether their journey into the bank is really necessary.

If customers are not behaving appropriately, please call out the public health guidance to them clearly and professionally. Alert your line manager who should ensure the customers behave appropriately. If there are serious incidents, please contact FSU and we will escalate to senior management and regulatory authorities. 


Where they are provided members, who wish to use PPE i.e. gloves, particularly for those handling cash please continue to do so but be mindful of the following current advice.

Face masks

Sick people will be advised by their doctor when to use a mask. Healthcare workers need masks and other personal protective equipment to protect them from infection during their work.

 Public Transport

If you cannot get to work by an alternative means of transport, you should speak to you line manager about a flexible working arrangement such as working from home or at another Bank location if this is practical. You could also consider taking transport at non-peak times, again talk to your line manager about working hours. This may not be feasible for all but it should be discussed and considered seriously by line managers.

Local or Manager advice which contradicts BOI Agreements and Public Health Guidelines?

This is wrong and should not be happening. By following the advice of the bank and of public health authorities you are protecting not only yourself, but your family, work colleagues, and society in general. This is part of the state’s efforts to reduce the danger and spread of COVID19. Please contact FSU directly if you are aware of this type of behaviour.

A Colleague(s) in my location has recently returned home from a country where the advice is to self-isolate for 14 days but they are still coming to work. What should I do?

Anyone who is in this category must follow the guidance. If you know this is happening in your location, please talk over your concerns with your Line Manager and raise the issue with FSU.

A colleague in my location is displaying symptoms of COVID19 but is still coming to work. What should I do?

Anyone who is in this category must follow the guidance. If you know this is happening in your location, please talk over your concerns with your Line Manager and raise the issue with FSU.

Do I have to work from home?

If you can, you should work from home for the period of this national emergency. There is a government directive to combat the spread of the virus. Measures such as working from home are designed to protect you, your family, your colleagues and society in general.


Our primary goal is the protection of our members jobs. Save for those that are already contractually agreed we have asked BOI to cease all redundancies during these uncertain times.

To date, redundancies have been managed on a Voluntary basis only. This has been done under the terms of the Change Management Agreement. FSU have secured BOI management recommitment to those terms. No member currently faces the threat of compulsory redundancy.

What do I do if I need further help or support?

FSU is here to support our members in BOI. Your union is currently working to make sure that your health and welfare is prioritised by your employer for the duration of this pandemic. We will work with you to ensure that your employment and rights to health and safety are upheld and protected.